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Today is 20,Sep,2017
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R9 (Tubular/Clincher)-Wheel Sets
R9 (Tubular/Clincher)-Wheel Sets
R9 (Tubular/Clincher)-Wheel SetsR9 (Tubular/Clincher)-Wheel SetsR9 (Tubular/Clincher)-Wheel Sets
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Products: Hits: 239R9 (Tubular/Clincher)-Wheel Sets 
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Updated: 2017-08-28 15:00
 The R9’s ultra-deep section rim slices through headwinds with rage while the Hypertoroid cross-section reduces deflection from cross winds. Impressive straight-line performance from such a deep rim makes this an ideal TT or Tri event slayer.
  • Super-deep 90mm, wide profile, full carbon rim
  • Matrisilk structural mesh and Protex enhanced braking surface
  • Hypertoroid optimized cross sectional shape
  • Handbuilt with stainless aero spokes and alloy nipples